Bigg Boss 13 – Voting Methods 2019

So as we told you all that Bigg Boss season 13 is starting really soon and its going to be premiered on September 29th. So in this post, we are all going to discuss about the voting methods that can be used in this season for conducting voting polls for the audience.

Bigg Boss Voting

So as well know, voting, nominations, evictions are an important element of this reality TV show, Bigg Boss. The audience is always super excited to see who is going to eliminate from this show and who is getting the maximum votes.

The contestants have to survive the entire timeline of the show and be safe in the nomination stage of Bigg Boss. To read more info about bigg boss season 13, you can click here.

So talking about the voting methods, then usually there are 3-5 methods of voting polls used. Such as, google voting, missed call voting, voot app voting and few others.

You can find all the details about bigg boss vote on the site linked above. Bigg Boss can use any of the methods mentioned here to conduct voting polls for bigg boss season 13. You can simply search it up on google as “bigg Boss 13 vote” and you will find several articles explaining bigg boss voting methods.

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